Genesis 6:9 11:32

After the 1600 or so years between Adam and Noah, there were, most likely, millions of men and women upon the earth. Among all of them, only one family proved righteous in G-d's sight. Only one.

That seems incredible to us, until we remember the role that the Spirit of G-d plays in our world in our time. Even with his presence in the lives of believers, this world today is still filled with violence and corruption. Think of what it would be without him!

Consider what it would have been for Noah to build an ark on dry land when it had never rained before. Scripture doesn't tell us the reaction of his neighbors, but it must not have been an enjoyable time for Noah. We don't know how long it took to build the ark, but, given the advanced age of Noah at the time, it could have been a century or two.

Noah and his sons handled the difficult deeds, but the L-rd supplied the impossible ones. He arranged for the animals to gather to the ark. He waited to bring rain upon the Earth until the project was finally completed. Then he closed the door.

We don't know how many animals were on the ark. The portion refers to “every kind” of animal, and we can't assume that G-d meant our system of species by it. For example, one feline was probably sufficient, not a panoply of sizes, colors and patterns.

It was still quite a job, and it is a testimony to the faithfulness of Noah that he would undertake such a thing. It is not recorded that he protested for the barest minute in undertaking such a thing. He was presented with a proclamation far less believable than that presented to Zacharias upon the birth of John the Baptist, yet Noah immediately believed and acted on that belief.

What job does G-d have for you? Maybe you don't believe in the job, or perhaps you're discouraged merely because it's difficult. It's frustrating obeying the commands of G-d in the midst of growing evil.

By believing G-d, Noah rescued his family, and all the animals of this world. It all happened through one man, one family. You're just one, but with G-d behind you, you can accomplish unimaginable things.

Questions for further though and discussion: