We're located about here (at the bottom right/southeast corner of the Reisterstown and Hooks Lane intersection).

From the Baltimore Beltway, take Reisterstown Road (Exit 20) going North (away from Baltimore City). Go about 100 feet, and you should see a Mens Wearhouse on the left and a gas station and Seven-Eleven on the right (if you see a Hilton on the right with a Target on the left, you're going the wrong way on Reisterstown Road! U-turn time!!!).
We're in a suite in the big orange brick complex to the right in this image.
This is coming up to the light for Hooks Lane.
Turn right on Hooks Lane, (between the bank and the Seven-Eleven/Gas station). When you're on Hooks Lane, it looks like this.
A couple of hundred feet down Hooks Lane should be another light. Turn right at that light, and you should be into a parking lot for the CommerCentre, the complex in which we meet.
The building is "L-shaped," with Ruth's Chris Steak House at the left end of the "L.". We're on the other side, to the right in this picture.
There's an elevator in the corner of the "L" (it looks like an entrance to the dermatologist, but it's not) and there are stairs at the end of each leg of the "L". We're in suite 208, right outside the elevator on the second floor.

If you wish to travel by bus, the 59 bus runs up Reisterstown Road from the Metro station, and stops at the corner of Hooks Lane and Reisterstown Road, directly in front of our building. Get off there in front of the gas station, and walk up Hooks Lane, then the directions are the same as for drivers, above. Click here for bus schedules.